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Taylor Arneil, Candidate for Rongotai

Taylor Arneil is a 24-year old graduate who has lived in Wellington for five years.

He grew up across three countries, attended Victoria University of Wellington and graduated in 2019 and 2020 with his Masters in Strategic Studies. He is a Research Assistant for New Zealand First and has worked in retail and as a pool lifeguard. His work experience may be limited, but he understands only through hard work and dedication can you achieve your aims.

Through his work experience, he learned to work and lead under pressure when to step up and take control when mistakes are going to be made by others, not wait until the mistake has been made.

He has lived across three countries including New Zealand and has witnessed the damage austerity has had on society along with the uncaring attitude governments had towards their own people, especially those who are most in need. He is against the idea that a low cost, low wage economy is beneficial to everyone even though it has created a class of “working poor” who despite working long hours they still have no avenue for getting ahead.

He was shocked to see the state of public services after years of neglect by previous governments and was dismayed that the solution to a faltering public service that they were under-resourced and neglected was semi-or-full corporate privatisation. He was appalled to see that the governments attitude was profit first and only, above our most vulnerable people and our delicate, unique environment. Taylor supports New Zealand First because of its centralist and common sense, targeted policies that favour all levels of society.

Protecting all New Zealanders and their businesses, educating and training New Zealanders so they can fill jobs rather than remain on the benefit and the belief that education is an investment, not an expense.

Taylor moved to Wellington study and now he wants to stay and make New Zealand a better place for everyone. He recognizes that policies must be targeted to each region of New Zealand to ensure that resources are properly allocated and are not wasted. He wants the country to have a conversation about what we want to look like a nation in twenty years’ time.

He wants us as a nation to look and plan ahead so when disasters or pandemics strike, we are ready and capable of handling them. History has shown that short term thinking has resulted in the social issues of today, and it will take long term thinking in order to fix them.

This is why he is standing as a candidate for New Zealand First. The party with commonsense solutions and centralist policies that put New Zealand First.


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