Vaccine Choice: Freedom, Liberty, And Personal Responsibilty

“The manner of the slow vaccine rollout will not help our society if the current legal and constitutional overreach ends up removing New Zealander’s freedom of choice,” says Winston Peters Leader of New Zealand First.

“All the international evidence and best practice supports the pro-vaccine case but those who are hesitant or anti-vaccination, whether we agree with them or not, have the fundamental right to freedom of choice. And if we take that freedom away then COVID will not be our nation’s biggest concern.”

“With all great freedoms comes great personal responsibility. However, it should not be overlooked that there is an underlying mistrust of our Public Health System - and it must be the responsibility of the government to restore that trust.”

“The vast majority of kiwis who have done the right thing can no longer be held back by the government’s ham-fisted reactions against a minority who choose not to vaccinate.  The unvaccinated should be free to choose without judgement, but the government should not be free to use them to continue removing the freedoms and liberty of the rest of the country.”

“As the government has now clearly given up on its 90% double vaccination ‘reference point’, there is a desperate need for policies to remove the unnecessary social and financial pain experienced by both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.”

“In the meantime, the lives of tens of thousands of kiwi businesses and workers, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, have been in a horrible battle for survival, says Mr Peters.

“The environment causing that struggle must change now.”