W.H.O. Director General Seeking Powers To Override Sovereign States

New Zealanders will be highly concerned that the World Health Organisation proposes to effectively take control of independent decision making away from sovereign countries and place control with the Director General.

W.H.O International Health Regulations on future outbreaks of disease aim to give the Director General extraordinary and wide-sweeping powers.

The Labour government, Prime Minister, and Health Minister have not told the New Zealand people the details of these proposed changes which is simply alarming.

It seems Labour has learnt nothing from the handling of COVID-19 or from the numerous mistakes such as unnecessary lockdowns, removal of freedoms, and barring kiwis from their own country.

The inquiry into the handling of COVID-19 in New Zealand reports a year from now.  So why in the absence of the inquiry's findings is Labour contemplating the bloated demands of the Director General of the W.H.O.? Or is globalism all this government thinks about?

The W.H.O. proposes a one-size fits all public health system worldwide, W.H.O. designed regulations that bind all countries, the removal of fundamental freedoms, and ignoring the view of independent nations.  Any exchange of information must be on “a reliable platform” decided by the W.H.O.

Worse still, it doesn’t have to be a health risk, but now any ‘potential risk’ dreamed up by the W.H.O.

This was the organisation that effectively let almost three million people leave or move through Wuhan before it realised it was the hub of a worldwide pandemic. 

It will be the W.H.O. that decides the health and associated responses within the country – and not the country itself.  What is breathtaking, is that if any country rejects the W.H.O. decision making, they have 48 hours to explain themselves.

This is globalism gone mad.

And just to make sure it is the W.H.O. that is control and not the health and political systems of an independent country, the W.H.O. proposes to set up a “compliance committee” – like some sort of grandiose international court of justice.

New Zealanders will be alarmed at the conversation their government is having on these matters.