Winston Peters: Challenge To Willie Jackson To Debate His Co-Governance Diatribe

Yesterday Maori Development Minister Willie Jackson decided to write an opinion piece in the NZHerald that tries to justify the Labour Party’s push for apartheid in our country via co-governance.

The fact that Willie loudly announced that New Zealanders now “live in a new democracy” is frankly astonishing.

His typical ‘racists’ pot-shot was followed by an extraordinary accusation of ‘Kiwi ignorance’.

The only ignorance being shown is by Willie Jackson. He has conveniently forgotten his own elders fought against these same types of separatist laws in other countries that ended up with apartheid regimes - yet he has the temerity to now force it upon New Zealanders.

The flaws in his comparisons between MMP and unelected representative positions based solely on race are not only riseable but should frighten every New Zealander.

Having grabbed the best of MMP Willie does not want to give up the worst of First Past the Post.

The sad thing is that while politicians like Willie Jackson push their pet projects for a certain Maori elite, Maori housing, health, education, and incomes remain on the scrap heap of their political concerns.

If Willie truly believes what he is spouting in his co-governance diatribe then he should accept my challenge to have a public debate on his nonsense.