No more Media Bias & Manipulation

New Zealanders are losing trust in media at a time where media companies are conducting editorial audits and journalists are demonstrating clear bias in reporting. 

In New Zealand we once had quality investigative journalists who did research to find the facts first and then publish a balanced report – there are still some, but far too many now publish an opinion piece first and to hell with the facts.

Meanwhile, an investigation is being conducted into government funded RNZ for editing and publishing false and manipulated information across multiple articles.

This is an alarming indictment of our media and kiwis should be worried. We have clearly biased media in New Zealand conditioned now to publish what they believe is true - not what is fact. This incident will not be isolated.

Perhaps this is why sixty percent of New Zealanders now don’t trust the media and seventy percent actively avoid watching or listening to them altogether.

That is why we are launching a petition calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into media bias and manipulation in New Zealand.


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New Zealand First calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into media bias and manipulation in New Zealand. A Royal Commission is the most serious response to an issue available and investigates matters of great importance and difficulty.

Ensuring our media organisations work as intended is crucial for a democratic nation like New Zealand. 

Sign in support to return the media to what it used to be - where journalistic intregrity and fair reporting was paramount. 

Will you sign?