In response to Newshub and Amelia Wade’s obvious and ham-fisted attempt at a typical and predicted political hit job.

In response to Newshub and Amelia Wade’s obvious and ham-fisted attempt at a typical and predicted political hit job. 


As any politically aware reporter would know, any Cabinet subcommittee has a duty and obligation as a part of any government to respond to any UN declaration, in this case the UNDRIP, that the previous National/Act/Maori Party government foolishly signed us up to - and unfortunately it seems Act’s Deputy Leader Brooke Van Velden is so new to politics that she didn’t realise that fact and was used by Newshub’s Amelia Wade. 


The previous National/Act/Maori Party government signed the disgraceful UNDRIP two years after I, as Foreign Minister, refused to sign the divisive declaration on the basis that it was opposed to our country’s constitutional rights - and former Prime Minister Helen Clark also agreed. 


The resulting report to that subcommittee investigation, He Puapua, was produced and given to Minister Mahuta - deceitfully not to me as the then Foreign Minister. It was hidden from New Zealand First, a coalition partner, and me as the Deputy Prime Minister. A report Labour hid and lied about because they knew it would be torn in two and would never be forced upon the people of our country with New Zealand First in government. 


In the Cabinet subcommittee minutes themselves it is clearly noted – “that the following advice from the working group, te Minita Whanaketanga Maori will consult with Ministers with portfolio interests in a Declaration plan”


That consultation never occurred.  I was never shown the report as the Minister of Foreign Affairs holding the key portfolio interest.


Willie Jackson, in a moment of clarity, even told the media that at the time - as I reminded Amelia Wade yesterday but she never bothered to report. 


This type of ham-fisted politically influenced hit job from our so called ‘fourth estate’ now acting like a bunch of ‘fifth columnists’ is disappointing but hardly surprising.  


It’s clear now that it’s because New Zealand First is gaining so much momentum and is a genuine threat to the very establishment they all purport belong to.


Having an overflowing packed meeting full of hundreds of people when we launched in Howick yesterday is all the evidence we need that we will be back. And they know it. 


This ain’t my first rodeo. 


Watch this space. 


- Rt Hon Winston Peters