Mallard Must Immediately Face Vote Of No Confidence

The debacle we have witnessed over the past few days created by Trevor Mallard’s dictatorial and bullyboy behaviour, is just another in a long list of examples of his unsuitability to remain in his role as Speaker.

Today in his press release he announced the withdrawal of the trespass orders against five former Members of Parliament where he stated the following:

“…five trespass notices have since been withdrawn as the persons are now thought unlikely to seriously offend or incite others to commit serious offences…The behaviour of some individuals was clearly more egregious than others, and on that basis it has been relatively easy to identify those persons issued with trespass notices who no longer are regarded as being a risk to the safety and security of others at Parliament.

These are two clear implications that former Members of Parliament were originally considered likely to ‘seriously offend or incite others to’ and to be a ‘risk to the safety and security of Parliament.’

It is an outrageous insult that Mallard, in the role of Speaker of the House, would hold this view of myself and my former parliamentary colleagues.

This is evidence of how out of control and power drunk he has now become.

The speaker must now be subject to a motion of no confidence immediately. 

Surely a current Member of Parliament can stand up and do their duty and move a motion of no confidence.