New Zealand First Member’s Bill to protect women’s spaces

Today New Zealand First will introduce a Member’s Bill that will protect women’s spaces.

The ‘Fair Access to Bathrooms Bill’ will require, primarily in the interest and safety of women and girls, that all new non-domestic publicly accessible buildings provide separate, clearly demarcated, unisex and single sex bathrooms.

This Bill is about finding a balance between fair inclusion and fairness for all.

“We have seen a similar move in the United Kingdom this month, with building regulations due to change later this year, making it compulsory to provide separate facilities for men and women for all new restaurants, bars, offices and shopping centres.” says New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters.

“New Zealand First campaigned to defend the right to privacy, personal safety, and freedom from harm for all New Zealanders, and this Bill demonstrates a much-needed commonsense solution to an issue that has often been overshadowed by ideology.”

It will stop the growing trend of mixed-sex toilet spaces which impact the privacy and dignity of everyone utilising these facilities.  

In addition, the Bill will introduce a fine under the Summary Offences Act for anyone who uses a single-sex toilet and is not of the sex for which that toilet has been designated. 

“New Zealand First has listened to New Zealanders and we know that there is a silent majority anticipating such legislation.”

“This Bill will ensure that every individual has fair access to safe public bathroom facilities.”

“Every New Zealander is entitled to feel safe and have privacy in these public spaces.”