New Zealand is quickly turning into a country we no longer recognise


Co-governance, secret He Puapua report, Three Waters, changing the name of New Zealand, woke cancel culture, race-based representation, separatist health, education and justice systems, entrenching Maori wards, taking away referendum on local govt representation, decolonisation, limiting free speech…

And day after day ramming it down your throat in the media. 

When did they ask you if they could do all of this?

It's inexcusable:

It is inexcusable Andrew Little still refuses to acknowledge the true extent of the trouble the health system is in. He is in incomprehensible denial. 

When the frontline staff, their representatives, and the public are all saying the system is ‘falling to bits’ it’s hard to explain the minister’s stubbornness. 

The minister can’t try to scapegoat the normal flu season when the very nature of the ‘season’ is it’s predictability - everyone knows that. 

Little angrily lashing out at unions, GPs, private practices, and even Pharmac as being the problem is simply a recipe for failing to fix it - and makes the minister a liability.

The problem won’t be fixed with a split race-based health system - it will inevitably end in disaster - particularly when the problem is the minister won’t listen. 

When she became PM she asked us to hold her govt to account. We are, and now it shows just how hollow that promise really was.