NZDF Covid-19 Court of Appeal ruling

Rt Hon Winston Peters

New Zealand First Leader
20 February 2024


On Friday last week the Court of Appeal made a significant ruling that upheld a previous High Court judgement that the New Zealand Defence Force's workplace Covid-19 vaccination mandate is unlawful.

Since then, just one online media outlet has reported this ruling.  This solitary report was also behind a paywall - so not accessible to the vast majority of the public.

No other mainstream media outlet has made any mention of this ruling which clearly identifies that people’s rights and freedoms were significantly eroded by an unlawful direction from the previous government.

It is unbelievable that nothing was mentioned on the television main news channels, radio, or other online platforms.

The significant finding of the Court of Appeal included upholding a previous ruling in the High Court of the effect these forced mandates had on the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

New Zealand First has always believed that in any robust and enduring democracy an accountable and balanced fourth estate is essential.    

However, instead of the public being informed of the facts and truth of a significant ruling from one of our highest courts, they have been exposed to a prime example of the unrelenting bias of much of our mainstream media. 

There is no other logical reason or excuse as to why New Zealanders have not been properly informed.

This ruling has significant ramifications for the current Covid Inquiry, not only highlighting the inadequate terms of reference that were previously created under the last government, but also the significant ramifications for the justification of all previous and remaining mandates in all workplaces.

It is deeply concerning that New Zealand’s mainstream media has neglected to inform New Zealanders of this important and significant finding that directly affects New Zealander’s rights and freedoms in our democracy.