Peters' Action Against 'Speaker' Justified with Ruling

The Wellington High Court has released a ruling stating that Trevor Mallard in his role as Speaker was unreasonable, irrational, and unjustified in trespassing me from parliament.  The High Court has highlighted that Mallard's actions amounted to an unjustified limitation on the right to freedom of movement under the Bill of Rights Act 1990.

This ruling highlights the unjustified contempt with which all parliamentarians treated those peaceful protesters who were there rightfully, and just wanted to be heard.

Failure to talk to those peaceful protesters early and hear them out, a process that has happened countless times over decades at parliament, led to a serious deterioration of lawlessness by some – who were never intending to peacefully protest in the first place.

I brought this action against the Speaker on behalf of all of those legitimate protesters, who likewise were exposed to the unreasonable and irrational behaviour of the Speaker and subsequently had their right to freedom of movement taken away.

How much has the Speaker’s behaviour cost the taxpayer?

Read the full ruling below, or download it here.