Prime Minister In On The Three Waters He Puapua Deception

The Multi-Party Working Group has not come up with a compromise on the Government’s “Three Waters” reforms.

Allowing Councils shares in what they already own is not a concession but a con because share ownership with out control is meaningless and bungled control will be adverse to Council’s share ownership value.  Usurping control from Councils remains a massive asset grab.

And watering down repugnant policy by the pretence of a regional voice on the four takeover entities does not mean that those in control even have to listen to the regional voice. Further, arguing that these reforms will prevent privatisation is a total red herring designed to dupe ratepayers into thinking their assets are now safe.

Remember when the government first launched these reforms they said that for Councils it would be voluntary.  Now they propose to ram these changes through using the bludgeon that their legislation will contain a provision that any changes will have to have the agreement of at least 75% of Parliament.  This is entrenchment by stealth designed to disguise what these so-called reforms are all about.

We now learn that the Multi-Party Working Group was told at the beginning of their work that co-governance was a Government “bottom line” position. This means that from the outset the Multi-Party Working Group was nothing but a stooge for the Government’s racist proposals. Another example of big city bureaucracy totally out of touch with ordinary New Zealanders.

This policy is another Mahuta Pandora Box proposal; in short, unleash, by legislation rammed through Parliament, this evil on the public and defy them to change it.

Water quality is a serious matter for New Zealand as in any country but to take this concern and exploit it to shift half the control and value to a minority of the population demonstrates how duplicitous the thinking of this Government has become. And worse, the Māori water user, like all others, will be as much a victim to that small elite in Maoridom, and their cultural fellow travellers, who have covertly been pushing their racist agenda whilst denying that its Government policy. 

When He Puapua first emerged Minister Mahuta kept it from the knowledge of the governing partner, New Zealand First.  Then the Prime Minister after the election claimed to, first, have no knowledge of that, and second, that it ‘was not Government policy’.

Both those statements have to be false.

If Minister Mahuta did not show He Puapua to the Prime Minister then she should have been sacked the moment the Prime Minister found that out.  It follows then that the Prime Minister was in on this deceit and kept it from me and my colleagues. It follows also that this level of deceit means that these racist policies were always part of the Prime Minister’s agenda.

When the passage of these so-called reforms is studied they will be seen as risible and ridiculous as the disgusting woke advertising first used to justify them.  $4 million of taxpayers' money was spent on this advertising propaganda campaign, the full details of which have still not been disclosed.

He Puapua perpetuates the fraud that the Treaty of Waitangi is a partnership but if not one citizen in Britain, or the Empire, was in partnership with Queen Victoria on the 5th of Feb 1840, how is it that the Māori were on the 7th of Feb 1840. He Puapua presages tribal rule over New Zealand by 2040 and “Three Waters” is a principle objective in this. 

None of this information was released to the public before the last election which means the Prime Minister and her Party have no mandate for these changes, that their plan is illegitimate, and designed to ‘white and brown’ ant New Zealand’s democracy.

The majority of Māori today, defined as someone who can cite a Māori ancestor (and now at its greatest dilution being I part in 512) are not even on the Māori roll. Sadly, the mass majority of ordinary Māori working hard and paying their taxes have been made the stalking horse in these apocalyptic proposals.

Like so many other elitist proposals demands have been made in the name of ordinary Māori whilst the benefits will go straight to a small Māori elite making these demands.