Casey Costello for Port Waikato


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Port Waikato needs a strong local voice

A message from Casey:

I have lived and worked most of my life in South Auckland with the last 10 years being a Pokeno resident. 

This is my home and I am fully aware of the issues we are facing and know that I can make a difference. 

We are a microcosm of New Zealand and when we come together there is nothing we can’t achieve. 

I will be your strong voice in Parliament:

  • Getting tough on rising crime
  • Supporting our farmers and horticulture
  • Creating opportunity
  • Improving the lives of our seniors 
  • Protecting your rights and freedoms
  • And putting an end to race based division

About me

I come from a large family and grew up with a strong sense of gratitude for what New Zealand has to offer. 

I am the daughter of John Costello, Horse Racing Hall of Fame inductee racing journalist and author of several books including the Tapestry of Turf (history of NZ Horse Racing). Through the influence of Dad and the time spent at training tracks and race days I have retained the greatest admiration of the sport of kings and a passion for the written word and history.

My mother comes from an accomplished sporting family and represented New Zealand Maori in tennis. She is the person from whom I get my strength of character, resolve and determination. 

My father’s family traces back to settlers who first arrived in this country in the 1860’s and my mother’s Ngati Wai/Ngapuhi ancestors include Patuone and Tamati Waka Nene, both chiefs who signed the Treaty of Waitangi. 

I am a mother of two adult children and consider myself lucky to have such great people in my life. I have enjoyed a varied career which started with the New Zealand Police leaving as a Detective Sergeant and Vice President of the NZ Police Association. 

Taking on a range of management roles after leaving the Police I have worked in both private and public sector positions latterly running my own business. 

I know what it’s like to worry about meeting payroll each week and to despair at the pointless bureaucracy that stops hardworking kiwis getting ahead.

For the last 7 years I have been a spokesperson for Hobson’s Pledge lobbying for equality before the law for all New Zealanders. 

I am a founding trustee for the Migrant Exploitation Relief Foundation working to protect victims and making those responsible accountable. 

I believe I have been successful in the Police, business and advocacy because I understand people, I listen, I’m not afraid of the tough issues and I have a strong worth ethic. And all of this is made possible through the enormous support from family and friends. 

MP for New Zealand First

I have been honoured to be entering Parliament as a list MP for New Zealand First. I know I will serve my community but believe Port Waikato needs a strong voice. As a member for New Zealand First you can be assured you will be heard by a representative and a party that will tackle the tough issues.

Taking back our country

New Zealand has one of the proudest democratic histories in the world. A nation that, as part of its formation, established a Treaty from which the peoples, who were calling this nation home, agreed to come together and build a future. 

Like any nation the path forward was not perfect but kiwis came together willing to recognise wrongs and determined to keep punching above our weight in the knowledge that there was no problem we couldn’t resolve by applying our  number 8 wire methodology. 

In the last twenty years this foundation of unity changed to a narrative of division. We stopped being New Zealanders and became manuhiri (visitors) and tangata whenua (original inhabitants).  Kiwis were asked to choose sides. 

Successive governments have strived for relevance and votes by advocating for a distortion of the Treaty and perpetuating a narrative that robbed our young people of their potential.  

New Zealand has lost its way as the agenda that seeks to differentiate legal and political rights, based upon which ancestor you identify with, has gained traction. 

I stand with New Zealand First because they have always had the courage and resolve to demand that whatever our history or background we are New Zealanders first and foremost. 

None of the challenges facing the future of our children will be overcome if we lose our identity as an inclusive multi-cultural community and to meet these challenges we must have the voice in Parliament that is able to call foul on the destructive narrative being forced on us. 

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