Strongly oppose this horrendous bill

Horrendous bill. We do not have the resources to manage our current health system. Now you want to take away the ability to use natural health to prevent diseases. We know a large percentage of disease comes from deficiencies that we have as we can not get it from our food because of mass production. All pharmaceutical products have side effects. Known to be the number one cause of death. Our natural products have the ability to prevent disease, help with several diseases and keep people out of the drowning health system. As a general practitioner I have amazing results because I combine natural medication with the needed pharmaceuticals . This bill will leave our natural health workers and producers out of work and our patients sicker and in dire need. This will increase prices and cause more distress as patients will be unable to invest in their own health. I strongly oppose this power grab by the government who will only cause international pharmaceutical companies to profit.

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