A senior, highly respected King’s Counsel with decades of experience in our law courts, Gary Judd KC, has filed a complaint about compulsory tikanga Māori studies for law students - highlighting the utter depths of absurdity this woke cultural madness has taken our society. 

The tikanga regulations will compel law students to be taught that a system, which does not conform with the rule of law, is nevertheless law which should be observed and applied. 

As Judd KC points out in his complaint - tikanga is not law.  

Law students should not be force fed this kind of woke indoctrination from some culture warrior’s slanted version of what tikanga means. 

What is most concerning is the Dean of the AUT Law School, Kylee Quince, funded by the taxpayer, decided to typically stoop to a gutter level and call Judd an ‘old racist dinosaur’ who should ‘die quietly in the corner’. 

This is from someone who is in charge of teaching our law students. 

How has this kind of insipid, cancerous, woke indoctrination taken a hold within our education system? 

Judd KC pointed out what is written in law, and the ridiculous compulsion to indoctrinate students with irrelevant cultural interpretations having no reason being part of a law degree. 

Someone in Quince’s position, with this septic and out of touch modus operandi, raises the question of the proper use of taxpayer funding. 

She does not represent New Zealand or what we expect in our tertiary institutions.