Whaitiri Fiasco A Multi-Party Deception

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’

It’s now revealed that Meka Whaitiri consulted with the Speaker before her resignation announcement and sought guidance on the process. 

So the Speaker knew before Meka sent the letter to him of her intent to defect to the Maori Party - not to become an independent MP. Then Meka herself went public to announce her defection and her intent to be a Maori Party MP. She also said she told the Party President - but of which Party? 

All that being so, why has the Speaker exposed himself to be accused of manipulating an MP’s resignation process that specifically went against the MP’s intent not to be an independent, but to join the Maori Party? 

The result was for Labour and Meka to avoid the waka jumping legislation being triggered, avoid a by-election, and to allow parliament and the people to be exposed to a political deception. 

There are some very serious offences to our constitutional and electoral arrangements that are now being revealed through this undemocratic debacle. 

The Speaker is meant to be Parliament’s person and independent - not a political manipulator or advisor. 

If mana and respect is important then the biggest losers in this farce will be the Maori people.