All Gangs Should Be Designated 'Terror Entities' Under Terrorism Suppression Act 2022

The Prime Minister needs to officially designate the Mongrel Mob and all other known gangs in New Zealand as official ‘terrorist entities’ under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2022. 

If the Prime Minister, as Police Minister last June, with support from the Police Commissioner, can designate the ‘American Proud Boys’ terrorist entities, they can do the same for the Mongrel Mob and every other gang in New Zealand today.

Police will then have the resources and powers to properly enforce the law and prosecute any gang member, person involved with any gangs, anyone funding, supporting, or organising gangs will automatically be facing up to seven years imprisonment.  They should be wiped off our streets.

The continued increase in gang violence, shootings, intimidation, peddling of meth, and utter lawlessness must end. 

The Prime Minister has the power under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2022 to designate individuals or groups as terrorist entities. 

Gangs are a blight on our society and do nothing but seek to profit and power off the misery and intimidation of law abiding kiwis.  They continue to terrorise kiwis and we have had a gutsful of the deterioration of law and order they bring with them.

In June last year the Prime Minister, backed by the Police Commissioner, designated the ‘American Proud Boys’ as a terrorist entity.  We are facing domestic terrorists of our own right now in New Zealand with the Mongrel Mob taking over Opotiki this week.

They descended on Opotiki in their thousands and blocked roads, barking like animals, carrying firearms, and made the town shut down its essential public services.  This is madness. This is intimidation. This is terrorism. 

This terrorism is not isolated to just Opotiki. We have seen deterioration of law and order across the rest of the country over the past few years with increased gang violence, intimidation, and influence.

The Mongrel Mob and other gangs seem all too ready and willing to take away the rights and freedoms of law-abiding citizens – this needs to stop right here, right now.