Labour, Media, Parliament Play Fiddle While New Zealand Burns

What is going wrong with this country when a Minister gets punished for stupidity but not for his blatant incompetence?

Minister Wood has a history of costing taxpayers millions of dollars with harebrained ideas not least of which include the continually ballooning $30 billion light rail dreamland project, $52 million Auckland Harbour Bridge cycleway to nowhere, and the pointless promises of the five option Harbour Crossings that will triple in cost before one is even chosen - sometime, maybe, never.

Labour clearly have affirmative action for the incompetent.

If they were serious about standards and spending taxpayer money Minister Wood should have been gone a long time ago - not for some low level shareholdings that pale in the shadow of John Key’s memory fade over his KiwiRail shares.

What we are seeing now is just a measure of the depth of Labour, the media, and parliament - who are all playing the fiddle while New Zealand burns.