Latest Electoral Review: More Dangerous Woke Nonsense

The Independent Electoral Review out today has included a recommendation to ‘affect the Treaty of Waitangi and its Principles’ and make it one of the Act’s ‘explicit objectives’.  


What ‘principles’ are they talking about exactly? 


Our Electoral Act is the foundation of unwavering equality for every New Zealander and our fundamental democratic rights - why are these people trying to embed race based apartheid in our country’s democratic system? Or is it to satisfy some ‘sickly white liberal’ guilt?


This is yet another example of an intention to embed separate systems based on race at all levels of democracy and government in New Zealand. 


In 1986 the original Electoral Commission reported that with MMP in time the Maori Seats would not be needed. The current make up of parliament proves that. Yet they now want to intrench Maori seats and much more. 


No ordinary Maori needing housing, health, education or jobs will ever gain from this - only those elites who will continue to feather their own nests while all the stats for ordinary Maori continue to spiral downwards.