Reopen the Marsden Point Refinery

The devastation brought on by Cyclone Gabriella is immense. New Zealand is now in desperate need of bitumen for the lengthy and expensive roading rebuild - a quality product which Marsden Point was once producing for us locally until it was shut down.

Now we are forced to import an expensive inferior alternative product from overseas. In the face of international conflicts and natural disasters, the refinery should never have been allowed to close and now we will be reaping what we have sown.

The Marsden Point refinery, closed by shareholders in 2022, should be reopened so that we can put New Zealand's supply interests first. With global economic and political uncertainty on the rise, New Zealand must look to become more self sufficient. 

In a fuel supply emergency from offshore, only Marsden Point can keep our emergency frontline services going. 

As a strategic national asset, we can secure our energy future and bring manufacturing back onshore. 



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This petition directs the next government to commit to reopening the Marsden Point Refinery as a strategic national asset.

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