Repeating Mass Immigration Mistakes For Same Result

Focussed immigration has always been essential to our future, but New Zealanders need to be aware of the immediate dire situation our government is putting us in with a predicted record of one hundred thousand new immigrants moving to New Zealand in this year alone. 

That means we will have twice the rate of increase than the UK. It is a frightening statistic. 

There can be no underestimation of the unbearable pressure this massive number will place on kiwis who are struggling even now with the cost of living, lack of housing, crumbling health and education systems, and failing basic infrastructure in our communities - especially in the aftermath and costs of Gabriellle and other floods. This will drive wages down, not up. 

Where is the common sense?

Where are the new houses going to come from? Does the government really think we need more demand in the middle of a housing crisis? Do Aucklanders need tens of thousands of more cars, more patients, more students, more homeless, more mouths to feed?

Labour campaigned six years ago on drastically lowering the immigration number because of the severe lack of infrastructure. They have now flipped open the uncontrollable floodgates because it is their only hope that immigration will bandaid over the flailing economy. This is the 2015 ‘open the borders’ National government all over again. 

We need to stop this madness before it’s too late.