Young New Zealand First: It's Time To Put Education First Again

Young New Zealand First strongly opposes the education announcement made by the government today. We believe this decision not only disregards the voice of the education community, but also threatens the educational well-being and prosperity of our young people.
The government is prioritizing streamlined online testing methods – which have been trialled and found to disadvantage rural, ethnic, and low socio-economic students – rather than focusing on the declining educational achievement of young New Zealanders.

Young New Zealand First believes that the government's decision to implement streamlined online testing models is an affront to the principle of equal access to education. It is unacceptable that students from low-income backgrounds or those who do not have adequate access to quality computers or robust and reliable internet may be unfairly disadvantaged by these tests. The government needs to take concrete steps to address these issues and ensure that no student is left behind.

Furthermore, we believe that the government's inability to actually focus on maths, reading, and writing within the curriculum neglects the educational needs of our young learners. By neglecting these areas, the government is sending a message that our young learners and the future of our nation are not of concern.

Young New Zealand First calls on the government to listen to the concerns of students, teachers, and parents and take action to ensure that all students have equal access to education. We urge the government to rethink its approach to NCEA testing and its woke curriculum changes and to prioritize the needs and well-being of students over political agendas.
Only by working together and putting the needs of students first can we build a better future for all young New Zealanders. We need to put education first again.