Caution RNZ - Your Bilious Bias Is Showing

When RNZ first began it was with the intention that there would be an honest and sole broadcaster in which the people of New Zealand could have confidence in what they were hearing was neutral, factual, and professional.

Sadly, that worthy reputation for a member of the fourth estate has long since vanished from RNZ and the lead up to this election is a classic example.

On Morning Report this morning Corin Dann asked the co-leader of the Green Party four times if the Greens would look at an arrangement with National to stop New Zealand First being in government.

He proposed a Memorandum of Understanding previously used on environmental purposes but now for a malignant personality attack on one political party and its leader – namely New Zealand First.

Such a line of questioning can have no legitimate broadcasting purpose, but an attempt to stop a political party entering government and to hold a corrupt bribed RNZ accountable.

And then later in the day, RNZ has just advertised their ‘First Up’ programme where the reporter was walking around the Botany Electorate and asking people if National should work with Winston Peters.  It is a promotion for an upcoming show. 

RNZ only had one man on the promotion clip and said that “he could not be trusted, was in it only for himself, and he flip flops”.  This is simply underhanded, dirty, nasty, media shenanigans from a taxpayer owned organization.

There was never any opportunity on either show for Winston Peters or New Zealand First to defend themselves. 

It is clear that RNZ has long been a deteriorating organization and dripping with bilious bias.