New Zealand First has considered the Hamilton-West byelection and the circumstances that have led to it. 

When Members of Parliament stand at elections they promise the electorate to serve them for the next three years.

That promise should be kept except when the circumstances mean that the mandate from the previous election no longer exists – not as an individual self-serving convenience for an MP’s changed career plans.

If a Party’s mandate has been removed from a Member of Parliament, that Member is justified in seeking a new mandate in a byelection.

In the recent Tauranga byelection none of these above pre-conditions existed.  A sitting member decided on a new career, resigned, and caused the taxpayers a million dollars in byelection costs.

That again is happening now in Hamilton-West.

Had Dr Gaurav Sharma received proper advice from an experienced advisor he would understand that.

That’s two million dollars extra cost to the taxpayer – which could have helped 25 families into a new home.

Those who totally disregard this, simply don’t understand the duties of service that come with democracy.

The New Zealand First Party is not going to stand in the Hamilton-West byelection – an unnecessary byelection that will change very little in parliament.

We plan to spend our resources on a comeback in 2023.