Policy Announcement: Capped Time-Period For Job Seeker Beneficiaries

New Zealand First today is announcing a policy on adjusting the rules and restrictions around access to the Job Seeker Benefit.

New Zealand First’s policy is to introduce a capped time-period for any person to access the Job Seeker Benefit during their lifetime. 

Any individual will have the ability to access the Job Seeker Benefit as normal, however, for no more than a total of two years across their working lifetime.  If for any reason they need more financial assistance they will be expected to work in the community for their wage.

New Zealand First has always believed that the state should give people a hand-up during times of genuine financial hardship, however, such help should not turn into a long-term hand-out that has the potential to become an intergenerational issue.

New Zealand is never going to fill employment vacancies, or work our way out of our country’s debt, unless there is a seismic change in the attitude of particularly young people to engage in work.

This policy will strike the balance between ensuring struggling kiwis get the financial safety net when they need it, with a set of expectations on contribution to our country working our way to a much better future.