New Zealand First policy is that the government has no business in the nation’s bedrooms.  But for a government to allow biological men access to women and girl’s restrooms, changing rooms, and other safe places, goes against the commonsense and logic of the vast majority of kiwis.

This entire debate is about finding the balance between fair inclusion and fairness for all.  The minority liberal elite are trying to decide for all New Zealanders that the removal of women’s safety, privacy, and freedoms is an expected sacrifice for the elite’s woke ideological and social crusade.

New Zealand First policy announcement:

  1. Public Bathrooms and Changing Rooms: We will pass legislation to ensure that all new public organisations that provide publicly used facilities, including in areas of sport, education or commercially, must provide separate, clearly demarcated, unisex and single sex bathrooms.  In addition, all current provision of publicly used facilities will not allow anyone access to facilities which are designed for the opposite sex use.
  2. Public Funding for Sports: We will pass legislation to ensure any publicly funded sporting body that does not have an exclusive biological female category, where ordinarily appropriate, shall be immediately ineligible for any public funding. 

This is not about being ‘anti anyone’ or ‘anti anything’.  This is about standing up for commonsense, safety, and fairness for everyone.