Pukekohe Policy Announcement

New Zealand First Policy Announcement:

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

  • The National/Act/Māori Party signed up to UNDRIP in 2010 – that obligated a response from government in 2019 - the starting point and origin of the He Puapua report – which was deceitfully hidden from New Zealand First by Labour, and released publicly a month after the 2020 election.
  • If New Zealand First had seen that final report then we would have rejected UNDRIP, as we did in 2007.
  • UNDRIP and He Puapua are race-based preference, imposed on us not by the UN, but by New Zealand politicians from every other party continuing to agree to it. It threatens our constitution and democracy.
  • New Zealand First will formally withdraw New Zealand from UNDRIP, and its imposed race-based obligations, and restore our country’s constitutional sovereignty and democracy.
  • Pulling out of UNDRIP will consign He Puapua to the rubbish bin of racism.

English as an Official Language

  • New Zealand First will introduce in parliament’s first sitting week, legislation to make English an official language of New Zealand.
  • Amazingly, few people know that English is not even an official language of New Zealand. There are currently only two official languages.  Māori, and Sign Language.
  • Being that we are an English-speaking country, it is bizarre, but this is how far this extremism has taken our country.