Re: The Call For Corporate Manslaughter Legislation

This matter begins with the Pike River investigation being inadequate, inexplicably lengthy, and after millions of dollars, the evidence that should have been placed before the public still has not been.

We have always believed that Pike River is a crime scene, and that a proper investigation would have come to that conclusion.

Blue collar workers have a right to know they are working in conditions with the appropriate safety standards, which was not happening at Pike River and was the reason why twenty-nine workers lost their lives.

These workers' families know that too many people have been involved in the investigation who were not proceeding on the basis of neutrality or independence to get to the truth.  Too many had a prior hand in allowing the work safety standards to seriously corrode in the years before the Pike River disaster.  That is not only our view but the view of experts in mining.

Accordingly, the family of victims calling for corporate manslaughter legislation require at the least very serious consideration of their proposal.  Whilst getting to the Pike River truth has always been New Zealand First’s priority, we nevertheless will be taking the victim’s family's request today seriously.