New Zealand has recently lost the hosting rights of some major international sporting events including the America’s Cup, the Rugby Championship, Netball World Cup, and the Wellington Sevens.  We are now at a huge risk of losing SailGP as well.  And it won’t stop there.

The recent issues with SailGP have spot-lighted the overly influential bureaucratic processes, power-drunk government departments, and some decision makers who clearly care more about their fiefdoms than our country’s economic development and international reputation. 

These groups do nothing but stymie any sort of future prosperity for our country and ignorantly sabotage our economy and our future on the international stage.

SailGP in 2019 saw an average economic return at the hosting cities of $37 million. In Spain this year they set a record of over $90 million.

In this regard, over the past few years New Zealand has become so inward looking, and our vision clouded by nonsensical ‘moral and cultural roadblocks’, that we have allowed ourselves to travel down this spiralling path.

Our economy and our international reputation are suffering in the face of pearl-clutching extremists and their dizzying sense of self-worth.

New Zealand needs to get back to being a ‘can-do’ country that prioritises common sense and productivity.

Of course, there needs to be a ‘balance’ of all considerations including the economy, productivity, international viability, future tourism, environment, iwi and local governments – but ‘balance’ seems to have been thrown out the window. 

When we get to a stage where common sense is ignored in favour of ‘opinions and a barrage of red-tape’, something needs to drastically change or New Zealand will simply be left behind.