Whangarei Policy Announcements

New Zealand First policy announcements:

Northport/Marsden Point investment

  • Establish a dry-dock in Northport,
  • Move Ports of Auckland to Northport,
  • Move the RNZ Navy to Northport from Devonport,
  • Build a railway to it from the Northern Main Trunk Line,
  • Re-establish Marsden Point Refinery’s purpose, and
  • Brynderwyns - new four lane alternative highway.

Full Scale Covid Inquiry

  • Ensure a full scale, wide ranging, independent, one year inquiry conducted publicly with local and international experts, into how the Covid pandemic was handled in New Zealand, including covering:
    • Use of multiple lockdowns,
    • Vaccine procurement and efficacy,
    • The social and economic impacts on both regional and national levels, and
    • Whether the decisions made, and steps taken, were justified.
  • This inquiry must not be run by Parliament, nor be restricted and narrow in its scope.  This must be a public and wide-ranging inquiry – so that New Zealanders will know the truth and be properly informed.